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Aug 7, 2008

Fritch, Borger, Stinnett

I was on the road by 6:45 a.m. this morning, struggling to keep my eyes focused on the asphalt.

When I got to Fritch to photograph the Eagles, I chatted with head coach Rick Ware, who, along with his wife and son John, were the ones who came across the plane wreckage at Lake Meredith from a Beechcraft 77 that crashed there in 1984.

Once I was in Borger and began talking with the Bulldogs coaches, I found out that, as big as Borger is, it does not have a Dairy Queen there. Apparently the DQ had been turned into an Italian restaurant that may or may not still be open. The Borger coaches were extremely organized and allowed me to get in and out of there quickly, so thanks for your help fellas.

I then motored up to Stinnett where I met up with Keith Hardin's Comanches who had just begun their hour long break. On my way back to Amarillo, I saw a box turtle making the ultimate run for his life across the highway. When I passed him he had just made it to the yellow line on the far side, about five feet from reaching his goal, so I assume he made it.

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HarryMoss said...

Borger's a real Metropolis