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Aug 15, 2008

I Lassoed Lance

If the powers that be here can talk me into dressing up for a two-hour photo shoot, you need to sign up for 'Lassoed'.

This year I'm not messing around. I TRIED to miss games last year to make you feel better. No mercy this year. Hey, the winner gets a free trip to San Antonio. That's worth a few minutes a week of picking games the next few months.

Tell your friends and lets have some fun with this. Sign up today!

P.S. Texas Tech will be 8-0 heading into November. Take it to the bank.

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HarryMoss said...

UMass? EWash? SMU? That some tough teams. At KSU, at A&M, at KU, NEB. More like 6-2. Lose UT, OU, too.