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Aug 4, 2008

First one on the road

I was up at dark and early 6 a.m. to begin the first leg of the DQ tour in search of my second straight year of atleast six schools on day one. Seven and a half hours and 260 miles later, that feat was accomplished as I made stops at six schools on the southeastern side of the Panhandle.

When looking for a high school you can't find, most people would ask directions. I asked for directions in Childress and was told to "follow the paw prints."

A couple of wrong turns and several paw prints later I found the football field. Wellington had the same idea just with rockets. Even a few horseshoes could be seen along to roads of Clarendon toward the field of Broncos with mowhawks for school spirit.

Dorothy followed her yellow-brick-road, I just followed the paw prints.

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