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Aug 19, 2008

MLB down the stretch

August is almost over and that means it's time for major league baseball to really get interesting.

As of today, there are six teams within five games of first place in their respective divisions, and three teams within five games of the wild card in their league. Now is the time to see which teams will thrive under the pressure of a playoff race, and which teams fall apart.

Will the Rays actually beat out the Red Sox and Yankees for the AL East crown? Will the Cubs have a meltdown and miss the playoffs or will they save the choking for the NLCS?

The field has been narrowed, and in just more than a month, my favorite postseason of any sport will begin. Sure the start of the NFL season is great, but there's nothing better than baseball in October.

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HarryMoss said...

What this have to do with high school football? I can watch ESPN for this.