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Aug 5, 2008

Greg Jaklewicz Checking In From Silverton And Happy

My first Tour de DQ and no Dairy Queens. Two Allsups stores, but no DQs.

A better name might be "The Bugs-on-the-Windshield Tour." Where's the Windex?

My trip Tuesday morning took me to Silverton and Happy. Silverton coach told me to tell the Happy coach they'd be ready for the Cowboys. Cowboys coach told me Silverton had better be ready for his team. The teams play Sept. 5 in Happy, which will settle the issue.

Silverton has a new athletic director, Danny Copeland. He arrived in early July and has been living in a travel trailer at a local RV park. Superintendent Jerry Birdsong is leaving the Silverton ISD, and Copeland and his wife, Shelly, will be moving into his home. Which once was a parsonage.

Shelly has been a trouper, staying in the trailer. But she went to Odessa when it got hot.

That's OK. Copeland has enough to do, helping Owls coach Jeremy Holt prepare the team for the season.

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