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Aug 14, 2008

Wear and Tear

Today my car finally said, "enough!"

After driving all over the Panhandle taking pictures of football teams in places like Pampa, Borger, Fritch, Miami, Stinnett and Lefors, my car suffered a torn hamstring ... er... flat tire.

Thursday morning I made my way back to Panhandle to take Super Team photos of lineman Eric Graham and punter John Ruzich because I didn't have time to take a picture of them in pads the first time I was there on Aug. 14.

On the way back to Amarillo, my car was handling a little weird, nothing alarming, but something seemed just a bit off. As the day progressed, the car continued feeling a little off, and on my way back to work from a dinner break, it was clear something was wrong. I made it back to the building in the pouring rain and got out of the car to see my back left tire was flat. Apparently it still had enough air to get me to work and not damage my rim, but it had definitely been punctured. Luckily there was an overhang I could park under for a few minutes to change my tire. The worst thing about the ordeal is that I had just bought four new tires at the end of May after blowing out two tires (on two seperate incidents) during a trip to Andrews and Seminole while covering HS baseball playoffs!

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