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Aug 31, 2008

Lahnert: Week 1 Breakdown

What the first week of high school football showed us is some things never change and then you can't believe your eyes on other things.

Upset of the week: Has to be Perryton and coach Neal Hugg rallying to upset Dumas 35-32 in overtime. Hugg is a good as man as you will ever meet and with Bushland coming to town this week his Rangers will be put to the test again.

Are you kidding me?: Anybody watching the Nazareth-Sunray game Thursday afternoon in Dick Bivins Stadium has been spoiled. Sunray's 42-41 win might be the best game we see all year. Sunray coach Bryan Wood probably added a gray hair or two as he went for two late and the Bobcats came away a winner. Naz quarterback Nicky Rowland is worth the price of admission.

Elk spotting: The Startaford Elks and Childress Bobcats also put on a show in Dick Bivins Thursday afternoon with Stratford coming away a winner. It wasn't easy, but the Elks have winner's will almost unmatched in the Texas Panhandle.

Nice guys finish first: Defending 2A state champion Canadian made its' debut as a Class A team Friday night at River Road. The Wildcats were up 45-0 at halftime and ended up winning 52-8. Can you say calling off the dogs? Nice gesture by classy Canadian coach Kyle Lynch.

What's up with that! You know have everybody loves the spread offense these days and pass more than an Indy car during the Indy 500? Well, I saw three elusive lads at quarterback over the weekend in Tascosa's Dalton Brooks, Palo Duro's Jeron Grayson and Amarillo High's Marcus Stockton. The biggest of three is Brooks at 5-10 and listed at 175(????). Grayson ran some pure option stuff in a loss to Tascosa and earns my first nickname of the year. Jeron "The Jet" Grayson. Stockton ran out of the pokcet once and was up the sideline in a hurry in the Sandies revenge win over Randall.

Thanks for the enjoyable weekend! What'd you see out there that I missed?


North43 said...

I was wondering why you dont have anything about Pampa? Pampa won 48 to 13 Friday night. Borger was weak, but Pampa man handled them in a rivalry game. Also Pampa had some stand out performances. The QB went 19-25 for 318 yards and 4 scores. One sophmore had 3 touchdowns and another stand out wide out had 116 yards and 2 td's. These kind of performances should be recognized!

PampaFan said...

I also noticed that The Globe News didnt even bother to have a story about the game. You would think with the Pampa/Borger rivalry that they would have at least had a story on the game. Oh well, can't say I'm suprised...that paper has been going downhill the past few years.