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Aug 29, 2008

Young Tascosa And PD QBs Impressive

I just love the opening night of the Texas high school football season. Everybody is 0-0. Everybody has a district title in their vision. Everybody is thrilled to be playing after a long summer.

But another reason is new faces step up and shine under those Bright Lights.

Take the Tascosa and Palo Duro game Thursday night.  Of course, first-game mistakes were on display, but Tascosa's 21-16 win was a fans delight with big plays, drama and the emergence of two junior quarterbacks in their first career varsity starts behind center.

Tascosa QB Dalton Brooks was elusive, showed a strong arm and seemed to be having a great time. Now, he will learn to stay inbounds on runs late in the game to help kill clock, but that's minor. What a joy to watch this young man play.

And then over at PD, Jeron Grayson earns my first nickname of the year - The Jet.  This guy is explosive and able to make defenders look silly in the open field. Now, PD's passing game wasn't much, but I hear he can throw it and that will come around.  What I love about finding out about the skills of new players is their family in the stands have been watching them since their Kids, Inc days do this.  Now, it's front of a big crowd and the media.

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