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Sep 8, 2008

Caprock opens with win

The Caprock football team ended an 11-year streak of not winning its season opener last Friday, as the Longhorns ripped the Borger Bulldogs for 21 points in just 3:15 to win 28-7. It was clear by the play of both teams that it's still very early in the season. There were as many as eight bad snaps, including several to the punter, and a number of silly penalties. Even the referees were in early season form, pausing several times for way too long after a flag was thrown or something remotely confusing happened. Give them credit though, they may have taken their time to make the call, but they got it right most of the time. Jamar Johnson was impressive during the second half, which was partly due to the improved play of the offensive line, scoring both a rushing and receiving touchdown to break the game open. For any defensive players thinking of putting a big hit on Caprock quarterback Ckylar Artis, you might want to think again. Artis looks more like a middle linebacker or a lineman than a QB, but that doesn't mean he can't chunk the football. Artis finished with three touchdown passes against Borger.

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