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Sep 12, 2008

Is a spread necessary for high school ball?

As a sportswriter it’s kind of nice that the Harris Rating System does polls and gives a point spread on high school games in Texas. Hopefully nobody is really putting money on these games, but we’ll just assume the point spreads are being used for fun. This week, in Class 4A three local teams (Canyon, Randall and Hereford) are favored by 20+ points. I wonder what that does to those players seeing they’re favored by such a wide margin? On the other hand Caprock is a 21 point underdog to San Angelo Lake View. I can tell you by the response I got from the players at practice Thursday, they don’t like that a 1-1 team like the Chiefs are favored on the road. Then take a team like Palo Duro, they’re 0-2 and favored by 8 at Snyder. I can’t imagine Steve Parr being fond of his team thinking it’s favored after losing the first two games. I guess my point is: It’s nice to have the spreads and rankings as a reference, but I’m not sold on spreads being necessary at the high school level.

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