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Sep 19, 2008

Notes at the half from Odessa

First Half observations: - I’ve been to rock concerts with fewer black t-shirts in the crowd. - Saw a guy in khakis and a starched white dress shirt with a black Permian jersey on over the shirt with a cowboy hat on. You don’t see that combo very often - Evidently the name Mojo has nothing to do with Austin Powers, it’s a panther! - The banner Permian ran through before the game said: It’s only a matter of time… until the Sand runs out! - One banner reads: Mojo the 7th flag over Texas. A little too pretentious for me, kind of like the Dallas Cowboys calling themselves America’s team. I’m not anti-Cowboys or Mojo, that just seems like a stretch. - With the home side full of fans, both bands are on the visitors side. I’m sure the Sandies coaching staff loves that. Makes for a nice battle of the bands vibe, though. - The Sandies have nearly picked off a few passes as Trevor Adams tries to force it, but no luck for AHS. - Austin Sasser tags a 41-yard field goal to get the Sandies on the board as time expires in the second quarter. It’s 28-3 Permian leads.

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T-Cat said...

District 2-5A sucks! Face it...we cannot compete with the big boys. Let's hope it only lasts two years and the UIL will raise the enrollment minimum and drop AHS and Tascosa down to 4A where we belong. Until then, you can kiss any kind of playoff representation good-bye!