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Sep 9, 2008

QB Country

Last year I covered football in New Mexico, so coming back to my home state and seeing the game played the way it’s meant to be has been nice. I knew the football would be better, but I never expected to see so many quality quarterbacks in the Panhandle. Spencer Church down at Canyon, with an offensive line resembling a row of SUV’s, can throw the deep ball and seems to have a knack for putting passes where only his receivers can get to them. Church has amassed 641 yards and seven touchdowns with one rushing touchdown so far. Hereford’s Parker Bridwell is another dangerous QB and he seems comfortable rolling out of the pocket and is accurate on the run. Bridwell has racked up 548 yards with three touchdowns and one rushing touchdown.
Those are pretty impressive numbers, right?
Well, another local quarterback has eclipsed both.
That QB, who I have yet to see in action, is Pampa’s Alex Clendening. He’s out thrown Bridwell and Church and get this, he wasn’t even expected to be the starter this season. Clendening has passed for 795 yards and eight touchdowns. Want to hear the best part about Clendening’s early season success? According to coach Andy Cavalier the expected starter, Casey Trimble, has been by Clendening’s side helping the junior along the way.

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