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Sep 19, 2008

So far? Not impressed.

Driving into Odessa for my first trip to a Permian football game, I was eager enough that I was the first member of the media to show up – an hour and 45 minutes early to be exact. What can I say? I’m easily excited. The stadium rises out of nothing, four towering light poles and a tall press box are all you can see at first. The place may seat more than Amarillo’s pigskin palace, but I’ll stick by Dick Bivins Stadium as the nicest high school field I’ve seen. Ratliff has a nice look to it, it’s dug into the ground with trees behind each endzone, but other than that it’s a pretty plain looking building. So far, I’m not blown away by the mystique and history of the place…. But I’ll get back to you when it fills up with Mojo fans.

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