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Sep 16, 2008

Claredon Football Improvements All-Around

Unlike the previous week's trip to Perryton, last Friday's visit to Clarendon for the game against White Deer went off without a hitch. It had probably been 30 years or more since I covered a game at Clarendon and the improvements to the stadium were striking. The field was marked well and the press box was not the wooden structure that I remembered. It was comfortable and most of all, and to my surprise, there was a phone line that worked so I could get the story back to the paper.

The game was an interesting one. Clarendon's defense stood out as being quick and aggressive. White Deer killed itself with six turnovers, and most of them were in its own end of the five giving Clarendon a short field most of the night. The result was a 42-12 Clarendon win that kept them unbeaten. The Broncos will have another good test this week when they host Gruver.

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