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Oct 31, 2008

Battle at the 'Bro: Halftime

Randall came out with an aggressive play-call on the first play of the game with Mark Glawe finding Casey Felton on a 74-yard touchdown pass. The pass was airborne for a good 55 yards before Felton ran under it and beat his mark for a touchdown.
Raiders coach Ken Plunk seems to have borrowed a page out of Palo Duro coach Steve Parr's playbook. Randall has run the ball 19 times so far, keeping Canyon's offense off the field.
The Eagles fumbled the ball early on in the second quarter after a nice kickoff return by Chase Yosten to put Canyon on the Randall 47. Two plays later Hunter Coffman fumbled after catching a pass from Spencer Church and taking a tough hit. Randall has taken advantage of that momentum swing and leads 21-14 at halftime.

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