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Oct 5, 2008

A date in Cort

Cort Johnson was frustrated and took it out on a Midwestern punt returner Saturday. Johnson had a couple of so-so kicks into the wind, one an official marked maybe 10 yards shorter after it sailed out of bounds inside the Mustangs 20. Then, with the wind to his back, WT ran a fake on got a first down. Johnson did his part to look the punter but you could see he had wanted a chance to boom the ball. Then Johnson booted a pair of 55-yarders in the fourth quarter with the wind at his back. On the second kick, MSU got a good return, which cuts into a punter's net. It was Johnson who made an open-field tackle and then stood over the player. Johnson came into the game as the No. 2 punter in the Lone Star Conference. He doesn't get many chances to work but remains a big weapon for the Buffs.

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