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Oct 28, 2008

Decisions, decisions, decisions

I've racked my brain since Saturday about which game to cover on Friday. Will it be the 3-1A matchup of Boys Ranch at White Deer? Or maybe the other important 3-1A matchup of Bovina at Vega. Or, do I opt for the 4-1A clash of 8-0 Wellington at 7-1 Wheeler? Boy, I never thought picking which game to cover would be so thought-provoking. Hey, I could opt to go where the pregame meal might be best and hands down it would probably be Wheeler and a trip to Maxey's where they serve the best chicken fried steak I might have ever eaten. I'll think about this decision for another couple of days. Maybe I'll just not eat before now and then, and the choice will be a simpler one.

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oldschoolfan said...

Les, Ive got your tab covered @ Maxey's. Come on over & watch some smashmouth ball. cya........