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Oct 21, 2008

Districts 3 and 4-1A headed for wild finishes

With three weeks remaining in the regular season, Districts 3-1A and 4-1A are headed for wild finishes. The 3-1A race shapes up with Nazareth the team to beat and Boys Ranch trying to earn a playoff berth for the first time in history. Boys Ranch can take a huge step toward that first playoff berth if it beats Vega Friday. However, Vega is alive and so are Bovina and White Deer. The 4-1A race shapes up as a three-team battle between Wellington, Wheeler and Clarendon with all three making the playoffs. The three teams will play each other during the next three weeks starting Friday with Wheeler at Clarendon. Combined, they are 20-1 overall with Wellington and Wheeler 7-0 and Clarendon 6-1. I picked Wellington at the beginning of the season and I'll stay with the Skyrockets although I won't be surprised how things might go the rest of the way.

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oldschoolfan said...

in 4-1A....nice pick Les.