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Oct 16, 2008

Halftime from the Bro

Halftime score here at Kimbrough Memorial Stadium is 3-0 with Randall leading Palo Duro.
So far, the Dons special teams has stood out with three impressive plays:
  1. Blocked a field goal in the first quarter with a heavy rush from both sides of Randall kicker Casey Felton.
  2. Kicked a 57 yard punt that was downed at the Randall 3.
  3. Put heavy pressure on the Raiders second field goal attempt, forcing Felton's atempt wide right.

The Dons have a shot at their first win of the season behind an inspired defensive performance, while Randall appears to have overlooked their winless opponents. What was thought by many to be a sure-route has turned into a battle and the second half should be interesting.

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