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Oct 3, 2008

I'll take the Texas team every time

Friday's game featuring Texico at Gruver is an interesting matchup. The Wolverines of New Mexico are 4-0 and beat Loving 101-0 a couple of weeks ago. Gruver is 1-2 with losses to Panhandle and Clarendon, teams that are a combined 9-1. Gruver's opening game against Wheeler wasn't completed because of weather, so the Greyhounds aren't counting it. And, they don't have to. That's the rule according to the UIL. But back to Texico vs. Gruver. It's been my observance over the years that a good Texas team is generally better than a good New Mexico one. At least that's the premise I went with when I picked the Greyhounds to win by a couple of touchdowns. However, I've missed a lot of games this season and nothing surprises me anymore.

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