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Nov 7, 2008

Dumas-Randall pregame

It's senior night here at Kimbrough Memorial Stadium, which just means the Randall players are standing out on the field in the cold while Dumas is in the locker room 15 minutes before kickoff. Could that make a difference in the first quarter?

  • The Demons have their inflatable run-through, but it just doesn't seem like a Dumas game without the flaming pitchforks. I know it's a road game, but I still miss the flames.
  • After the barn burner last night at Dick Bivins between Caprock and Canyon, this one is going to have trouble living up to the first District 3-4A game of the week.
  • One good sign the playoffs are upon us? The press box is full of scouts. Usually there are one or two teams represented, I see four in the box tonight.

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