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Aug 15, 2009

Bushland could live up to hype

Dave Campbell's Texas Football ranked Bushland No. 3 in its preseason poll. The magazine even added that the Falcons are "ready to supplant Muleshoe as title game's Panhandle rep," for Class 2A Division I.

Bushland may have proved the mag right Saturday morning. The Falcons hosted defending state champion Muleshoe (ranked No. 14 by DCTF) in a scrimmage that, even though no score was kept, Bushland won handily.

The Falcons (10-1 last season) were dominant on both sides of the ball. Their spread offense, save for a few plays, looked like it was playing 7-on-7. On defense, Bushland forced a fumble by the Mules (15-0 last season) about 10 minutes into Muleshoe's first offensive possession of the second half, and Bushland's defensive line was constantly in the backfield.

As with any good team, Bushland's offensive line was opening up huge holes and executing very well all morning. ...Both teams sprinkled in effective and timely screen passes. ...Bushland's defensive line penetrates well, but they looked like they lacked a little discipline and were offsides a lot in the second half.

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