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Aug 11, 2009

Three Things about Michael Vick

Come on. Who are we kidding? You don't think at least a dozen NFL teams quietly are sitting back drooling over the chance to have Michael Vick play for them in 2009.

Now they have to play the politically correct card and fake being not interested. But we all know the bottom line in the NFL is simply this: if you can help me win games, you are on my roster.

Here's three reasons why Vick belongs in the NFL.

1. - He's still one of top 25 quarterbacks on the planet and can help any NFL team win games at quarterback, wide receiver or running back.
2. - He served the required time in jail issued by a court of law for his despicable actions concerning treatment of dogs. He's free to secure employment wherever he can.
3. - He's Mike Vick. He sells tickets. I'd pay to see him play.

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