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Aug 22, 2009

WT scrimmage begs two questions

I attended the West Texas football scrimmage Saturday morning and watched in horror when star running back Keithon Flemming went down with an injury to his elbow.

This arrives just seven days before the Buffs take on No. 1 ranked Grand Valley State in "The Bro" and begs a question. Should the Buffs be hitting at full speed with their best players seven days before their opener?

Of course not. This is a freak injury, but still you need to at least show up on opening day with your best players. Flemming is proven back. If he was a freshman that's a differetn story. I don't care if he doesn't take one hit the entire pre-season. You need to show up with your best.

And another thing. I was bothered by the fact there wasn't an ambulance sitting near the field. Flemming sat on the field a good 15 minutes before being hauled off. The WT training staff is tremendous. But no ambulance waiting?



87buffs90 said...

Well all in all Lance for me it's football and you can never tell when a player is going to get hurt. Keithon is a hardnosed player and plays and practices with the same motor. I remember being in camp and practicing just a week and a half before we were to play Sac St (then highly ranked D-II team) I separated my shoulder pretty bad. My other son hurts his ankle in the THSCA All Star game (meaningless) that really wasn't worth it considering he probably could have actually saw the field for OU this year. I think Keithon will be fine. He is a gamer and has shown that in the past, truth be told it probably had something to do with him not wanting to go down and giving that extra effort which is what he does.

Don't get me wrong I totally understand the argument about leaving your stars in practice or scrimmaging but at the same time He is a leader on the team now or what I perceive as being a leader. If his teammates know they are going into fight with him I'm sure they want to see him put in work as well. He will never win a game by himself and this also forces some other kids to step up. I'm sure you remember my years there at WT. I don't recall having a lot of help don't get me wrong we had some players but my RB's never averaged over 2.5 yards a carry, I played with 6 or 7 different QB's, etc.

Keithon will be fine and do fine I commend the staff for doing all they have done to make him the player he is today.

Neil said...

Lance, what IS up with that Air Academy High School yearbook photo circa fall 1973? (Lifesytyle Section 7D, above the fold, right top photo in AG-N Sunday 08.23, 2009). Cross between Buddy Holly, Gary P. Nunn and Dana Carvey's "Church Lady". Seriously man, what DID you do to the Lifestyle section editor? Revenge like that is unwarranted.