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Sep 4, 2009

Borger an early season surprise

New Borger coach Rusty Purser sure has the Bulldogs believing in themselves after two weeks of the season.
They beat District 3-4A's Pampa 45-43 in the opener on Aug. 28, then rallied from a 27-7 deficit to beat another 3-4A team, Caprock, on Thursday.
This from a team that won only one game two years ago and just two last season. Next up is Bushland at home on Sept. 11 and if the Falcons are able to beat Perryton it will be a matchup of 2-0 teams.


Old Dog said...

It really feels good for Borger to be back in a winning form. The past four years have been difficult to live through for fans who were used to being in the playoffs year after year. But, next week is going to be rough with Bushland coming to town. The bulldogs had better find some defense or it could be ugly early. Go dogs!

Ricky Treon said...

As someone who went to high school in Stinnett as recently as 2004, I know what you mean. Borger's season so far has been fun for me to read about. I've seen Bushland play, and that is going to be a tough game. Pin down that tight end of theirs and watch out for screens and the Bulldogs will have a shot.

Zoester said...

If Borger can somehow slow down the Bushland air attack it should be a good matchup. I haven't seen Bushland play yet is their any weakness to the blitz in the offensive line?
Borger might be able to work on the QB much like BYU did Bradford only without the injury
(I hate seeing anyone get hurt)