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Sep 19, 2009

Bushland among area's best small school teams ever

I realize many of you might think I'm beating Bushland's drum constantly, but heck, they are among the best small-school teams I've seen in more than 40 years of working at the Globe-News.
Stratford certainly doesn't have anything to be ashamed of in its loss to the Falcons on Friday. I still think the Elks will make a deep playoff run and I won't be a bit surprised if they win another state title in Class 1A Division II.
How far Bushland might go is anyone's guess. So much depends on going all the way, luck included.
I remember the great Childress teams of the 1970s and the Wheeler teams during that same decade. Bushland is a different team mainly because of the modern day spread offenses. The underlying thing about them is how deep they are for a 2A team and how much athletic ability they possess.

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