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Sep 9, 2009

Crystal Ball's Busted

Take a look at Thursday's edition of the Globe-News Crystal Ball and just pray that no sports staffer (least of all me) ever predicts peace in our time. We might as well be trying to predict the stock market as pick football games, because after the first week, we weren't very good at it.

And nobody was worse at it than me. I was a pathetic 2-8 in selecting high school and college games last week, and one of those wins shouldn't count since a turtle could have predicted Tech beating North Dakota. Yeah, there were some upsets, but that doesn't explain away a performance that bad.

The only consolation I can take is that nobody in the poll save for (naturally) sports editor Lance Lahnert finished above .500 last week, and Lance was only 6-4. I can't catch him this week, since all but one of our picks are the same.

Which brings us to Amarillo High-Tascosa. It might be bad news for the Sandies (whom I correctly selected last week) since I'm picking them this week. They haven't even given up a point yet, but my endorsement of them could be the kiss of death. So to coach Brad Thiessen and the Sandies, I apologize in advance in case they fall.

The Sandies, at least, have had two good weeks in a row. I'm just looking for my first. But I'm not alone.

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