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Sep 20, 2009

Front row no. But next to ESPN

On a personal note here, a pecking order is in place when it comes to professional press boxes like the one at Texas Stadium I am sitting in right now.

The big boys - Dallas Morning News, New York Post, New York Times, Dallas radio stations - sit in the front row with the best seats.

Guys like Amarillo, Abilene, Wichita Falls, Tyler - you know the grunts of Texas media - sit in rows two and three. In the back, if you will.

But if anybody cares out, ESPN got the "back row" treatment, too. I'm sitting next to ESPN reporter Ed Werder. We played floor hockey against each other in college at Northern Colorado. He did remember me. But not where I work or what I do.

Oh, well.

You take what you can get in this world.


XA said...

Wow, that means my meager Dave Campbell's Texas Football media credential (if I'd even bothered applying with Rich Darymple for one - right) would have placed me probably in the janitor's closet with take-out from Burger King as my pre-game meal.

Ricky Treon said...

Looks like if I'd have gone, I would have wanted to use my connections in Fort Worth to get my credential, haha.