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Sep 16, 2009

I Now Know Where To Park

After a visit to Caprock High this afternoon, I can now say I have been on every AISD high school campus during my fourth week in town. They've all been pretty easy to find, and I even discovered a back way to get to Caprock.

There is a difference to where the 5A teams practice on the west side of town and where the 4A teams work out on the east side. Amarillo High and especially Tascosa (almost literally a stone's throw away from I-40) work out adjacent to busy streets in full view of midday traffic, as public a situation as I've seen any high schools anywhere practice. Palo Duro and Caprock, conversely, are relatively concealed, practicing in residential areas which require a visitor to drive off the beaten path.

Then there's Dick Bivins Stadium, which is pretty much located in the center of town, yet sits amidst the Tri-State Fairgrounds and the Dilla Villa, giving the place a bit of character. But it still has all the modern stadium amenities of more celebrated venues. It's the one thing in town which all the schools have in common.

Even if some practices are easier to find than others.

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