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Sep 20, 2009

Is a trip to new Cowboys Stadium worth $60 parking?

OK, any Cowboy fan worth their star HAS to make a personal trip to the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.

The place is a palace.

It's not your Dads Texas Stadium with that hole in a roof. More like the football mecca. But Take a bow, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. You have built not only a field players can enjoy, but it's a fans field.

Now, it will cost you.

Parking near the place will cost you 60 bucks. Parking a half mile away in the Sheraton Hotel lot and you will only be out $40. Unless you beg the attendant and say you are with the media it's a mere $25.

Just walking up to the place you are in awe at the size. Then you walk past a statue of Cowboys coaching legend Tom Landry and even the biggest Cowboy haters will get a chill.

The outside suddenly becomes ho hum when you enter the place.

Blue and silver everywhere. Five decks of seats. I won't bore with the press box facility, but let's just say when was the last time you sat in front of a flat screen TV tuned to the NFL ticket, behind you sits all the free soft drinks you can name and then a meal of London Broil awaits you.

Yeah, no complaints.

But without question the flat screen hanging from the roof spanning from 20-yard line to 20-yard line simply blows you away. You can't take your eyes off the the monster.

In fact, I'm sure those in the upper seats will watch the TV, rather than the game because the players look so tiny. It's GI-NORMOUS. Nothing you have watched compares. Not even the coolest movie theater screen.

Now after you choke down the thought of $60 to park your car, you get hit in the face with eight dollar beers and a bottle of water for five smackeroos. A program? Ten more bucks. A t-shirt? How about 22 one dollar bills.

But it's two hours before kickoff and I can't imagine a better place on this planet to watch a game in person.

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