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Sep 25, 2009

It Looks Ominous

A little over half an hour before kickoff of the Hereford-Randall game at Kimbrough Memorial Stadium, and dark clouds are circling over the stadium with sunlight quickly running out. It's already rained in the Panhandle today, so it should be no surprise if more falls before the final whistle at most games tonight.

It's also about as windy out as I can remember in what is now my 14th season of covering high school football in the Permian Basin and the Panhandle, the two windiest areas of Texas. While 4-0 Hereford is a heavy favorite over 0-4 Randall, foul weather conditions can be a great equalizer, so maybe tonight's game won't be so predictable.

Whereever you are, do your best to stay dry tonight.

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