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Sep 12, 2009

Somebody Needs Some Humility Lessons

Palo Duro has surely had a better two-week span than it has enjoyed over the last two Saturdays, as the Dons lost to El Paso Coronado and Snyder by a combined total of 68-13. But Saturday's 26-6 loss to Snyder at Dick Bivins Stadium leaves a bad taste, and one which doesn't have everything to do with losing the game.

Snyder led 26-0 midway through the fourth quarter and had fourth-and-four just past midfield and was lined up in punt formation. But instead of punting the ball, the Tigers opted for a fake and threw it, and it came up a yard short of a first down. Perhaps it was poetic justice that after taking over on the ensuing possession, the Dons drove for their only touchdown of the day.

Now a team with a big lead shouldn't just lay down for the remainder of the game, and if it keeps scoring points with backups running the basic offense, the fault lies with the team getting blown out, not the winner. Had Snyder just opted to go for it from a straight offensive formation on fourth down, that would have been understandable, but that the Tigers felt the need to resort to trickery with a 26-point lead is questionable football etiquette to say the least.

Should Palo Duro and Snyder play again next season, and the Dons are on the high end of a blowout, it will be interesting to see how long a memory coach Steve Parr has.

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Zoester said...

It sounds like they took lessons from the University of Oklahoma, only high school has a playoff system so there is no need to run up the score.