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Sep 19, 2009

Was That A Donkey Or Am I A Jackass?

Traveling the West Texas highways to cover football games, you can see a lot about the flavor of the area by glancing at the roadside. But when I was returning early Saturday afternoon from Odessa, where Tascosa lost to Odessa High the previous night, I saw something I'd never seen anywhere in 13 years in this part of the country.

On the frontage road alongside I-27 in Hale Center, I saw what looked like a donkey jogging parallel to the interstate. I'm no expert on four-legged beasts, but I'm certain it wasn't a horse, and I don't think it was a mule. Where this creature was headed or coming from I haven't a clue, but it seemed pretty sure of itself.

But if you're in then Hale Center are this evening, just be careful with what you encounter if you have to pull over for something.

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