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Oct 9, 2009

Rockin' In Hereford

An old-school guy like me feels right at home at Hereford's Whiteface Stadium. It's the first stadium I can recall being at in the last several years which features real grass (for you youngsters, that's what most people played on as recently as 10 years ago) as well as a band which plays some rock and roll classics between downs.

I guess there shouldn't be much of a shock now in hearing a band play horn-charged versions of "Iron Man" in this day and age, as well as Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk" (the latter song's real recording actually featured the USC marching band) but the real surprise came when I pulled into the stadium. The classic rock station I was listening to was having its 70s hour, and I caught the unmistakable first notes of Gordon Lightfoot's "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald", a true-life story which is arguable the most depressing song every to hit the top 5. It makes you wonder what people were thinking back in 1976.

As for the football, Hereford led Abilene Cooper 7-6 in a defensive struggle to open District 4-4A play. That's old school, too. But don't dismiss it, because good performances don't have an expiration date.

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