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Oct 31, 2009

Texas Tech coach Leach ties Spike on all-time wins list; fights back tears

The press conference following Texas Tech's 42-21 win over Kansas was a classic on a long list for Red Raider coach Mike Leach.

He talked about quarterbacks with the ability to run a team are much more valuable than a "big quarterback" or one who needs to improve accuracy.

He talked about what a wonderful world he has living in the U.S. where free speech is honored. He talked about his "fat girlfriends" comments making it it to late night television.

However, the man known for his love of Pirates and unique coaching style actually fought back tears when asked about tying Spike Dykes on the all-time Tech coaching win list at 82 on Saturday.

"Well, you know it's funny," Leach said. "I think the young guys (in coaching) don't do maybe as good a job of thanking the older guys as they really ought to.
"You know when I was coming up in coaching, Spike's a guy that I always admired. I think that I learned a lot from Spike like all of us do. Well, I just really want to thank him. There are no knew guys without the old guys. The old guys are what made it happen."

You gotta love that.

Leach never ceases to surprise me.

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