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Oct 31, 2009

Unselfish Bushland

Saw my first entire Bushland game of the season against River Road and forget the fact this 2A team runs on the field looking larger than many of the 5A-4A schools around here, you have to love the way these Falcons play the game.

When you think of unselfish your mind usually runs to a pass-first, shoot-second point guard, or a baseball player giving himself up with a groundout to second base, or the person in line at the grocery store with two items who you let cut in front of you and your full cart.

Add the 9-0 Bushland football team to the list of unselfish.

During the Falcons 48-14 District 1-2A clinching win over River Road on Friday night Falcons quarterback Sawyer Cornelius completed passes to 12 different players, handed off on runs for another five and ran five times himself for 45 yards.

That's 18 players who ran or caught a pass. That's unselfish. That's tough to defend.

In my 25 years of covering high school football, I don't recall a game where 18 different players in the same game contributed to an offense.

I'm impressed.

Watch out Class 2A. These Falcons are serious about a playoff run and it looks like they could care less who scores the touchdowns as long as somebody crosses the goal-line.

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