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Nov 26, 2009

Bushland still solid despite loss of Cornelius

As Bushland prepares to meet Henrietta on Saturday at Wichita Falls in the Class 2A Division II regional semifinals one thing is certain.
Despite the loss of quarterback Sawyer Cornelius this is a very good football team. Its defense has been every bit as good as the offense this season and if it plays well again it can continue to advance.
Only two teams have scored two or more TDs against the Falcons this season, and Cornelius does not play on that side of the ball.
I've come to realize today's high school players are very resilient and they can overcome obstacles and be successful. Hopefully it will happen this week and we'll still be covering them next week.


Steve said...

no radio???

KyleTimmons said...

I cannot believe this game was postponed due to weather conditions. I played RB for the 1999 childress team that played crane in the quarterfinals and we knew what kind of weather was coming to Lowry Field in Lubbock but we still played in about 13 degree weather, horrible wind, sleet and snow. Be men and play the game. Couldnt believe that when i read it in the paper.

KyleTimmons said...

With that said, congrats to bushland, you sound like a very good football team.