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Nov 7, 2009

Going Old School At Dumas

Friday night at Demons Stadium in Dumas, despite the relatively warm weather, you could tell it was November just by looking at the field. It wasn't so much that Dumas and Randall were playing a game with District 3-4A postseason implications as it was that the field looked like it badly needed watering.

That's right, Dumas is one of the few real grass holdouts in the state, playing on the natural stuff as opposed to the oh so trendy (and low maintenance) field turf. It's safe to say the surface at Demons Stadium wasn't all green (certainly not in the uniform manner of field turf) and looked worn and dead in several spots. It was actually kind of heartwarming to see.

But the list of real grass holdouts will be trimmed by one next year. Dumas will be installing field turf to save money and will join the 20th century in terms of preferred playing surfaces. Progress is nice, but we shouldn't forget whence we came.

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