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Nov 11, 2009

A Morning In Canyon

This is that strange overlap time of the fall, when the football playoffs and the basketball season begin at the same time. These coinciding beginnings and endings make for a pretty busy week for us ink-stained scribes, as was evidenced this morning when I made a trip to Canyon which turned out to have a three-fold purpose.

First, I witnessed the signing of Canyon girls basketball player Jordan Vessels with hometown school West Texas A&M which brought out several athletic related figures to the school cafeteria. During that time I was also able to interview some of Canyon's offensive standouts for a story which will be appearing in Friday's edition of the Globe-News.

Also, seeking information for the Canyon boys basketball team, I was able to track down new coach Guy Crenshaw, who was teaching a class in the adjacent library, and he was good enough to take some time out and give me some information regarding the coming season.

I really don't do mornings (like a lot of longtime newspaper people don't), but in getting out of Canyon before news, I felt I'd had as productive a morning as I'd had in a long time. Maybe I just need to get out more.

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