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Nov 5, 2009

Return of the 20-yard penetration?

Players today probably don’t recall, but not that long ago tie games were decided by which team crossed the opponents 20-yard line, not with an overtime period.

The official term used was 20-yard penetrations.

Well, the crazy world that has been District 3-4A football might have to return to the 20-yard penetration to determine the playoff fate of Randall High.

Here’s the scenario.

If Randall beats Dumas by 12 or more points tonight and Pampa loses to Palo Duro tonight, Randall, Pampa and Dumas each would be tied in third place at 2-3. With four teams making the playoffs in Class 4A, two of those three teams would join Palo Duro and Canyon as 3-4A playoff representatives.

What Randall’s 12-point win and Pampa’s loss would do is leave Randall, Dumas and Pampa each tied in the first tiebreaker, a 12-point system. The next tiebreaker? The bylaws of 3-4A state which team produced the most 20-yard penetrations during head-to-head games. Game officials no longer keep 20-yard penetrations as a statistic.

Thus, District 3-4A chairperson Brent McCallie (the Canyon ISD athletics director) would have to sit down and go over the game films of the three teams involved in the tiebreaker to determine the winner. McCallie is a former football coach and said he hadn’t watched game tape in while and won’t mind returning to the necessary evil of all coaching staffs.

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