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Nov 27, 2009

River Road Hanging In

The Cinderella ride for the River Road Wildcats isn't over yet, or at least midnight hasn't struck, as they're still in contention in the Class 2A Division I state quarterfinal against Brady, trailing 22-14 at halftime. River Road drove 80 yards on 14 plays to take the lead after the opening kickoff, but since then the Wildcats haven't been as consistent offensively.

Brady has broken two long runs to either score touchdowns or set them up. The Bulldogs will get the kickoff to start the second half, so River Road's defense faces a big challenge in the final two quarters.

However, River Road has risen to the occasion against two heavily favored opponents in the playoffs thus far. The Wildcats have done it before, but can they do it again?


Shae said...

4th quarter with 6 minutes left, River Road down by 15 points, 43-28.

Shae said...

Final Score: Brady 43-34.
Wildcats sure did fight for it though! They gave it all they had, and proved a touch competitor against undeafeated Brady, Go Wildcats, and congrats on a great season!