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Dec 19, 2009

Bushland has arrived: The scene from Wichita Falls

It's about an hour and forty five minutes before the kickoff of the Bushland-Daingerfield Class 2A Division II state championship game in Wichita Falls.

It's actually going to be a chilly night. Not frigid or anything. But cold. I don't see this as being a factor.

Bushland's skill position players have taken the field and seem loose and calm. The receivers are catching passes without drops.

Daingerfield players are watching from the locker room.

Think for a moment what the Bushland players are going through in their minds. First state football championship game in school history? Will I be a hero? Will I mess up? Just how fast are these guys from Daingerfield?

I do know this. If these Falcons take the personality of their coach David Flowers they are as a calm as a lake on a windless day.

Can't wait to see this showdown unfold.

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