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Dec 10, 2009

It's There For the Taking

Brad Thiessen confirmed this afternoon what's been known for the past week: The Amarillo High head coaching job is open.

Thiessen, who resigned the head coaching spot at Amarillo High to take over as the AISD athletic director effective next month, said that his soon-to-be-vacated spot as leader of the AHS football program was posted online Friday. Inquiries about the job should be flowing in soon and continue in the weeks to come.

"If we're going to get some, we'll get some of them (applications) to come in before Christmas, but I suspect we'll get most of them in after people get back from the break," Thiessen said.

While Thiessen was still occupying the football office at the Amarillo High campus, in the next few weeks he'll be moving into AISD's headquarters. His coaching seat is technically still warm, and he's still officially the football coach, but interest in the job has already begun.

"We've had some calls and we'll just leave it at that," Thiessen said.

But we in the press won't do that. Last week Globe-News sports editor Lance Lahnert, in blogging on the announcement, mentioned two possible successors for Thiessen. So I'll do the same.

There are two potentially intriguing candidates who are former head coaches with with West Texas (but not Panhandle) roots. One is Odessa Permian offensive coordinator Steve Freeman, who was previously the head coach at Brownwood. Another is Smithson Valley assistant Randy Quisenberry, formerly the head coach at Midland Lee.

Both coaches (especially Quisenberry) left their former schools acrimonisouly after otherwise successful tenures. Would Amarillo High be the right place for them to return to head coaching glory?

Of course, this is all speculation, and there should many other candidates who realistically will enter this discussion in the next few weeks. The only thing which is official for now, is that the job is open for the taking.

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