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Aug 11, 2010

After 10 Days

We're now into the thick of two-a-days for every high school team in the state, so everybody's sweating it out in preparation for the season. And I've just completed my first DQ Tour (short for Dairy Queen, for those of you not versed in either Texan or football) which has had its own rewards. So if nothing else, I've discovered a few things, which I will note in my pithy observations below.

* It's really hot right now, so I'm glad most of my mug shot assignments occurred in the morning.

* We always appreciate organized coaches, so some special kudos go out to Pampa coach Heath Parker. Not only did Parker schedule a special photo day last Saturday, but in order to identify all players and coaches, all the names were typed in large letters on white sheets of paper, which works even better than the old Magic Marker on a yellow legal pad.

* If you go to a game at Valley this season, your cell phone might not be very useful. I couldn't get service there when I concluded the DQ Tour on Tuesday, so it's no wonder that Valley coach Bret Tyler preferred to be reached on his home phone to set up an appointment. Who says landlines are dead?

*Always carry AA batteries for a point-and-shoot camera. Don't ask why.

And to think, there's still 15 days until the season starts.

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