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Aug 2, 2010

Ricky Treon's DQ Tour, Day 1: Two schools down, four to go

Though my m0rning was early, the two coaches I've worked with have been absolutely amazing in helping me get photos of themselves and their players for my second Dairy Queen photo tour.

First stop was Sanford-Fritch and coach Rick Ware. Rather than having the players write their own name on yellow legal pads, Ware had the players' names pre-printed in huge type. A lot of big schools do this, but it was nice to have that done for me on my first stop at a Class 2A school.

Next was coach Keith Hardin at West Texas High, my alma mater. Hardin, who began coaching there after I graduated in 2004, had his players' photos on a CD for me. They're all dressed in a shirt and tie, which is very classy.

That left me only needing to take the coaches' photos, which went smooth and quick.

Well, time for me to hit the road for Lefors, followed by Miami, Perryton and Borger.

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