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Aug 25, 2010

Holy Cross confidence

I went out to Holy Cross to check in with the Mustangs and take a few photos Wednesday.

Talking to head coach David Johnson, the Mustangs may just be for real this season. They've got a new kind of swagger to them right now. The Mustangs are confident, they are in shape and they are ready to play.

Johnson credits being able to scrimmage each other now that they have enough numbers.

If there was a player I would look out for heading into this season it would be Ryan Sabala. Sabala was an outstanding running back for the Mustangs when healthy last season. He's healthy now but he's no longer a running back. Johnson has moved him to quarterback and if his arm is anything like his legs he will have a great season.

The Mustangs kick off the season Friday versus McLean and while Johnson didn't say Holy Cross would win, he did say they would compete. Johnson is as excited about a football season as I've ever seen, I wish him the best of luck.

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