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Aug 28, 2010

Raiders on the Rebound

I'll make a confesssion here in the middle of Dallas Cowboy country (and among some fellow Globe-News workers, Denver Broncos country) that I remain an Oakland Raiders fan, for reasons even sometimes I find hard to fathom. This year, though, it appears realistic that the Raiders could be a factor, or at least not an embarrassment in the AFC West. With an actual honest to goodness NFL quarterback in Jason Campbell, there's reason to be optimistic.

But they might not be the group of Raiders primed to make the biggest comeback this season. That might be at Randall High, which after Friday's 35-28 win over Borger, has already equaled last season's win total.

It's still early, but anyone who saw Randall play last season could tell right away that the Raiders are an immensely improved squad over last season. Part of that is certainly the factor of being a year older and a year better under second-year coach Bryan Wood, but an infusion of sophomore talent is another major explanation.

Sophomores Collin Bowen (a 76-yard fumble return for a touchdown), Logan Brittain and Tyler Junell all made major plays which were factors in the win. In addressing his team following the game, Wood wasn't shy about pointing out the contributions of the 10th graders, signaling that they were on equal footing with the upper classmen in terms of status.

Randall shouldn't be declared a playoff team yet. But if not this year, the Raiders will be worth watching for the next two.

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