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Aug 2, 2010

Ricky Treon's DQ Tour, Day 1: Almost done

I got to Borger a little early, so I thought I'd report on something interesting I just found out in Perryton.

Turns out Neal Hugg and one of his assistants, Jeff Schollenbarger, co-own an AstroTurf deep-cleaning machine. Ranger Field in Perryton has the new GameDay AstroTurf, and Hugg decided to buy the a machine that can give the field a good preseason scrubbing.

They're one of the only people for a long way to have one of these Zamboni-like tractor contraptions (which cost the two several thousand dollars). In fact, Hugg and Co. have and actual company -- Panhandle Turf Care, LLC.

Hugg said they've been all over caring for artificial turfs, and they are scheduled to go work on West Texas A&M's $21.8 million complex on Saturday.

And now it's off to Borger to finish Day 1 of my DQ Tour.

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