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Aug 2, 2010

Ricky Treon's DQ Tour, Day 1: Six-man madness

I just got through taking photos and chatting with coaches from Lefors and Miami. (I'm currently in Perryton, then on to Borger to finish my first day).

I showed up at Lefors a little early, so I was fortunate enough to watch them run some offensive plays. As a former offensive lineman, it's hard for me to grasp their plays because, well, they have no true offensive lineman. It's still really fun to watch, and I enjoyed it.

I also found out something really interesting. Lefors' coach Joey Czubinski makes his kids get into an ice bath for three minutes after every practice. He's been practicing that for three years. Read more about it in tomorrow's edition of the Globe-News.

When I got to Miami, I found out the players were practicing at the baseball field rather than the football field. They went there in a bus, preparing for their second two-a-day in the middle of temperatures flirting with 100 degrees.

Why? Because many of their kids live more than 30 minutes from Miami, so they have to get both practices done relatively close together.

Before I left, coach Jack Graves started his scouting early, asking how many kids district rival Lefors had practicing.

Oh yeah, it's definitely football season.

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