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Aug 3, 2010

Ricky Treon's DQ Tour, Day 2: In and out

Today's DQ Tour flowed so well for me that I didn't have time to stop anywhere and blog, which is always a good thing when traveling from one school to the next.

And after hitting up Gruver, Spearmand and Canadian, I'm finally done for this year.

Gruver's kids had trouble keeping their eyes open looking into the sun while I shot their photos, which is very understandable. But a(n amateur) photographer needs light.

Spearman has some sophomores who will be on varsity this year, and coach Steve Rodman says they may have to step up, especially on defense.

Canadian went all out for me, printing out their players' names (like Sanford-Fritch did yesterday. Thanks so much to both coaches) and getting into full uniforms. I also got to eat one of the Popsicles that parents were handing out after practice. It was orange flavored and delicious.

And so, after taking photos at nine schools and writing stories in the Borger McDonald's and my parents' living room in Stinnett (I'm still there), I'm done.

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